Age: 6 years old

Height: 3 1/2ft.

Weight: 80 lbs.

Date of Birth:   11/??/????  (month/day/year)

Eye Colour:  Blue

Fur Colour:  Really Darkish Auburn w/ Blondish Highlights

Country of Birth: USA/Australia
Hobbies // Interests:    Traveling, Making New Friends, Swimming, Watching Nature Movies, Taking Hikes, Playing on
Playgrounds (there is nothing like a good playground), Doing My Schoolwork,  Drawing and painting Pictures,  Building and Designing new
things, Paper Airplanes, Learning to Cook things for my family.  Traveling to new places and meeting new kids I can play with. Going to
libraries and trying to read all the books they have. Learning as much as I can about different animals. Hanging out with my family and
playing tag with my sister Sassy.  Looking for treasure every where I go. Going to farms and eating GREAT and HEALTHY foods directly
from the land.  Learning about different music and maybe one day learning to play an instrument. Watching Movies. Playing Board Games
and doing puzzles.  Playing outside at the park with my Boomerang.  Sharing and caring for others.  Trying new foods everywhere I go.  
Going out to different places and seeing new things. Creating new things for Wallaby Friends. Teaching people about the importance of
Favorite Quote:
1.)  Wallaby Friends? 'Cause I Wallaby Friends With You!
Favorite Sports:  I like Basketball, Football (Australian Rules and US Football), Rugby, Swimming, Martial Arts, Hockey, Baseball,
Tennis, Soccer, Walking, Running, Hopping, High-Diving, Riding Bikes, Climbing of any kind, Playing Frisbee, Sumo Wrestling, Archery,
Rollerskating, Street Luge, Mini-golf ('cause in regular golf, the clubs are to tall for me.) Ping-Pong,  Air-hockey.
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