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Wallaby Friends
Launched in 2009, we are a privately owned and operated company. Our goal here at  Wallaby Friends, is to improve the
quality of all life, through the creation and implementation of ideas, products & knowledge/education, in-order to better
service humanity and the environment. We are changing & have changed the way business / friendship is done forever!!
Wallaby Friends
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Now, Accounting made fun, because your money matters!

Established by our CFO's passion for numbers & accounting. We saw a need with some of our
partnered businesses
& customers. So we, with over 20 years of financial experience, started to help
out some of the businesses we work with on their finances
- Both Personal & Business. With great
, we have helped hundreds of people get back on their feet & on the road to financial
. We will show you how to manage your money so it can work for you, not you working for
. We will get you cleaned up & maintain your finances all in a virtual easy to work setting. Our rates
are competitive
, vary depending on work load & are examined on a case-by-case situation.

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Wallaby International Partners
The Wallaby International Partners Program started as a way to help people with their advertising
needs Locally, Domestically(within the country) & Internationally. After many tireless nights doing tons
of research, checking this site & that site, reading this contract and that contract, then making all the
right tweaks. We came up with a winner! Advertising made for everyone, no matter what business
you have. Easy access to our partners sites, No frills, no clutter, no hard hoops to jump through &
most important of all, no-one stealing your hard-earned money and delivering nothing in return.

Gone, is the bad business practices that the other businesses do.

You want great straight-forward advertising, then click the image to the right & become a
Wallaby International Partner!
North Island -
- South Island
Wallaby Home School University
This wonderful part of the program is designed to make school fun. Home schooling
your child has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be the absolute best
education for your child. Your child isn't distracted by other kids bad behaviours, nor
are they ridiculed by bad teachers that don't have enough man-power or care about
your kid/s. There are many resources out there now to make home schooling the
number one choice for your kids future. There really is no more excuse to not do
this anymore, as there are a number of family members, friends, tutors, recreation
centers & more to accommodate home schooling your kid/s & now W.H.S.U is
going to help you too. We offer an intense education program so your little one/s
can explore their full education potential. We are going to be the one-stop-shop for
all your home schooling needs. Click image to the left to see more.
"Welcome to a better future for your kids!"
Wallaby Builds
This was started from the owners & our mascots love of woodworking. Well, that & a little nudge
from the mother wallaby. We wanted to have a nice looking place were we can display our custom
built or restored wood & iron furniture. Then we got even more ambitious, we thought why stop it
there, if we could put a team together to help out the community as well. So we are doing just that &
now we could be hopping into your community soon. When you see us out working in your
community, you are more then welcome to stop by & ask us any questions you want.

We are building towards a better future, we are making ugly things beautiful & desirable again & we are helping to
build & restore our community for all to enjoy.

To purchase some of our furniture (local only, for now) or sign up to join our licenced team of builders.
Click the image to the right!
Wallaby Friends Get Help Page
This page is really important to the owner, because after countless jobs & seeing people not be
promoted, he stared to wonder why. Then he found out that it wasn't because of the traditional
reasons. It was because Jim (general name) was addicted to something & he couldn't get a meeting.
The first thought was like everyone else, that what a horrible person can't get their act together.
Then, our owner thought for a minute & realized that it was really sad. Jim wasn't getting a
promotion because he needed help & know one was willing to help him, until now! Our goal with this,
is to give the people of the world a place for help, and free help. In each city that we go into, we will
be asking for the places that the meetings are at so we will have a list of places you can go to get
your meeting.
There is no more excuses, click the image to the left to get more details!
"So you can go get that meeting &
tart living your life, with promotions you deserve!"
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