Currently Under  Construction,
but we are getting closer.
We are working very hard on this with several large educational programs to bring you the best education for your kids.

Thank-you for your continued patience in this matter, we just want to be the best.

From: Wallaby Friends Owners (personally)
To many times I have heard that the times table chart for kids is confusing.  

Well, now we fixed it, Mate!

Gone is the misleading "x" and we have forever replaced it with the "period" as it should of been from the start.

No more confusion!

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Your Level Of Education
OK! So your probably wondering, "Why a Pen-pal Program?"  Well, studies have shown that it is a great
way to increase your education levels in all aspects of your schooling.  Especially in the areas of Reading
and Comprehension, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Sentence Structuring, Handwriting Skills, Math Skills, it
So here we have  implemented it in with our Wallaby Friends Home-School University.  
Plus, It is a great way to make new friends from around the world and a hand written letter shows
more sentiment, because you took the time to sit down and write it. Your new Pen-pals will appreciate
it more because it come from your heart versus a cold and unfeeling email.