Question 10:  Businesses Ethics and Moral Value?
Answer: Everyone is treated like human beings - always! No one is ever treated like a number or someones quota.
 We are human just like you, we have good and bad days, like everyone else.  Some days we are up and ready to
 go, other days we get tired, want to stay in bed and hide under the covers, just like you.  We treat people how
 we want to be treated, with the respect and dignity we/they deserve.  We are always very nice, but sometimes
 we have bad days too, as life is hard and stressful.
Question 9:  Is our low budget look deliberate?
Answer:  This answer is to long to fully explain. The short version, is that we want to help people and make their lives
 easier.  We know what it's like to have nothing and turn away from places because we can't afford them.  
e know how humiliating it can be and how degrading it can be to be regarded as nothing.  We ask where
 other have to much pride to ask and if we can make even one person never feel like that again - then we win.  
Question 8:  How as a Wallaby International Business Partner can I get top placement in
 the ad-section?
Answer:  All of our products are proudly 100% made in the U.S.A.
Question 7:  Will Wallaby Family Home Cooking ever be open?
Answer:  Yes, Cooper has a Family and a ton of friends.  In-fact, we are going to introduce everyone to his sister  
Sassy, because she is always asking Cooper if she can come and join him. So, she will finally be coming soon.
Question 6:  Does Cooper our mascot have a Family and Friends?
Answer: Yes, we are working with several large resources to bring you the best experience you can have.  
       So please be patient with us for that.
Question 5:  Where are all your products made?
Answer:  You can't, we aim to make it fare for everyone.  Some people can afford to give more money in order to out
 do someone else and the other people can't.  The way we do it is first come, first serve and alphabetical order.
 This way gives everyone a fare and equal chance.
Question 4:  Why did you start this business?
Answer:  Yes our low budget look is deliberate. We are changing things all the time, but we feel it is more important
right  now to focus on the quality of the businesses we have rather then the over-all look.  
Question 3:  Will we as Businesses or Customers be treated like numbers or people?
Answer:  We have Business Ethics that most people brag about, but don't really have.  We are also one of the first
 companies to implement Moral Values as well. We were always told, "You do what you say and you say
hat you mean, because if your not of your word your not worth anything".........Well, we took it to heart
 and built this business out of that.  
Answer:  We don't work in a set demographic, as we try to cater to everyone.  We have something for kids,
adults and everyone in between.
Question 2:  What is your demographic or What demographic do you work in?
Question 1:  Are you like every other discount program out there?
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