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Wallaby Notary & A/R Mgmt. Services
"Now, Notary & Accounting made fun, because your money matters!"
Established to help people with their Notary and A
/R management needs.  We've seen a
need with some of our partnered businesses
& customers that they needed help with their
finances. So we, with over 20 years of financial experience, started to help out some of those
people we work with on their finances - Both Personal
& Business. With great success, we
have helped hundreds of people get back on their feet
& on the road to financial success. We
will show you how to manage your money so it can work for you, not you working for it. We will
get you cleaned up
& maintain your finances all in a virtual, easy to work setting. Our rates are
competitive depending on work load
& are examined on a case-by-case situation.
Now obtain great cash flow,
Wallaby Tools
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Welcome to our website!
Launched in 2009, we are a proudly family owned &  privately operated company.
Our goal here at  Wallaby Friends, is to improve the quality of all life, through the creation & implementation of ideas, products
knowledge/education, in-order to better service humanity & the environment.
We have changed the way business / friendship is done forever

Wallaby Friends is the  leading global figure in our business relations, & with all of our programs that we have implemented.
We provide opportunities, & wonderful life-long memorable experiences to our customers, & business partners.
We hope you will  come on board
& help the continued growth of our website now & into the future.

So come & see, as we Invite you to learn all About the rest of the things we offer as well!

Our trademark slogan:
Wallaby Friends, 'Cause We Wallaby Friends With You!
Wallaby International started as a way to help people & help small businesses with their advertising
needs Domestically
& Internationally. After many tireless nights doing tons of research, checking
this site
& that site, reading this contract and that contract, then making all the right tweaks.
We came up with a winner! Advertising made for everyone, no matter what business you have.
Easy access to our partners sites, No frills, no clutter, no hard hoops to jump through
most important of all, no-one stealing your hard-earned money and delivering nothing in return.

Gone, is the bad business practices that the other businesses do.

You want great straight-forward advertising, then click the image to the right & become a
Wallaby International Partner
Wallaby International
Wallaby Friends is proud to offer our customers an exclusive membership card.
This wonderfully magnificent, must have travel card is like no other card out there
& is an absolute
necessity when traveling locally, throughout the country or the globe. This exclusive membership
card, can be used at any one of our participating Wallaby International Partners establishments
around the world equally with no hassles.
Get yours now!
Buy clicking the image to the left &
start building lifelong memories with your family
& friends that will last a lifetime.


That's right, you heard correctly!

Wallaby Friends Official Membership Card
& World Class Notary Service.
Crikey! Plus even more cool stuff Coming Soon!
This was started from the owners & our mascots love of woodworking & music.  
We wanted to have a nice looking place where we can display our custom
built / restored wood furniture
& our Award winning Cigar-box Guitars.
So we are doing just that
& now we could be hopping into your community soon.
When you see us out working in your community,
please stop by
& ask us any questions you want.

We are building a better future.
We are making ugly things beautiful
& desirable again.
We are helping to build
& restore our community for all to enjoy.

To purchase some of our Beautiful furniture or one of our Cool Guitars,
Click the image to the left!
Wallaby Builds
Wallaby Family Home Cooking
Wallaby Family Home Cooking was created from the owner & his kids love of cooking.
Surrounded by so many vibrant & wonderful smelling foods, from all over the world. Our family
is no different from yours,
& we are proud of that. Look, we watched the celebrity chef's just
like you and thought, " ya right, there is no way we could do that." We got a shelf full of
cookbooks that never get read, just like all of you.  However, we wanted
to show that it really is just that easy.  Then we realized that other people have other needs,
like celiac disease, and other things. So we wanted to show you all that we could make
alternatives taste just as good as the originals, so you don't have to miss out.  
Were also going to show you how to budget for that wonderful large family as well.  
Whether trying something new, or rediscovering your old favorites, were sure your going to
have a lot of fun and whole lot of laughs along the way as well with us.
Now click the image to the right, and lets build some everlasting memories.
"So, from our family to yours, Welcome Home!"  
Character Bio's
Ever wanted to learn more about your favorite Wallaby,
or wanted to discover a new favorite character?
Well nows your chance!
We have our very own special place were you can get the low-down on all your favorite
characters. Learn what they like to do for fun, discover something new about your
favorite character, even leave your favorite a well loved sticky-note, now how cool is that?
You can tell your favorite, how much you love them by submitting them a message
picking a shape you want to leave it on.
We then, will turn it into a cool sticky-note & post it on their
Bio's page towards the bottom for all to enjoy.

So click the image to the left
& start picking your favorite,
or you could do the easy thing
This page is really important to the owner, because after countless jobs & seeing people not
be promoted, he stared to wonder why. Then he found out that it wasn't because of the
traditional reasons. It was because Jim (general name) was addicted to something
& he
couldn't get a meeting. The first thought was like everyone else, that what a horrible person
can't get their act together. Then, our owner thought for a minute
& realized that it was really
sad. Jim wasn't getting a promotion because he needed help
& no-one was willing to help him,
until now! Our goal with this, is to give the people of the world a place for help, and free help.
In each city that we go into, we will be asking for the places that the meetings are at so we will
have a list of places you can go to get your meeting.
There is no more excuses, click the image to the right to get more details
"So you can go get that meeting & start living your life, with promotions you deserve!"
Wallaby Get Help Page
With this, it is very straight forward. These are the people who believe in us so much they went
& beyond to help make us, & our company even more successful.
So as a testament to our appreciation to them, we are putting them here for you to see.  
To specially thank them
& our other wonderful,  partnered businesses for their continued
support in our vision of how our company operates
& does business.
With their  help, we have changed the way business is done forever!
Crikey Mates!
When you want to be one of our Wallaby Sponsors?  
Contact Us right away, for further details by clicking the image the left right now!
Official Store
This is were you (Our Great Costumers, & Business Partners)
Get to buy your favorite things, Wallaby Friends:   
Our very special must have  Membership Cards, Furniture
& Cigar Box Guitars, Pen-pale
Program, even our Official Wallaby Gear clothing
& loads of other cool merchandise.
So now you can find something special for everyone, on any list.
! "


Wallaby Q & A Page
We kept getting asked these common questions. Rather then keep repeating the same This is
to give the people the answers to all the common questions that we get asked.

Now,  some questions we can't
& will never answer.
Sorry people, family secrets need to stay in the family.
However, we are willing to answer most questions out-side of the common ones here.
Now you can click the image to the left
& get some answers about Wallaby Friends.
About Us
Come & see!
We invite you to learn all about the rest of the things we offer as well!
So click the image to the right to get back to the top or
continue scrolling down in-order to learn
about some more cool things we are doing here at Wallaby Friends.
Contact Us
We  here at Wallaby Friends are working tirelessly to bring you simply, the best we can.
Whether leaving us a well deserved compliment for the work we have done,
maybe a helpful tip on how to improve or especially because,
you want to partner with us to help continue to change the world.
We would love to here from you!
Keep in mind as a big company, we can't please everyone
& can't get back to everyone.
But, I do assure you that we do read every comment
& request sent.
Most importantly, we appreciate all of you - our Members
& Business Partners!
So please click the image to the left
& leave your comment or sign up with us.
Site Term & Privacy Policies
Image Coming Soon!
To be put simply, this is the Terms & Policies, we and you will live by while operating our site.
These are essential to ensure that you
& us are protected and secure.
Each of Wallaby Friends associated companies; Wallaby International,  
Wallaby Membership Card, Wallaby Notary
& Bookkeeping, Wallaby Builds, Wallaby
Family Home Cooking, Wallaby Character Bio's, Wallaby Get Help Page, Sponsors
Page, Our Official Store, Q
&A Page,  Contact Us Page & even our coming soon pages,
Wallaby Home School University
& Wallaby Living Off Grid & our
New Wonderful clothing line Wallaby Gear - will follow the terms
& privacy policies as well.
Image Coming Soon!
Site Search
This function will serve to help our Customers & Business Partners locate things faster.
A great site search is in the functionality that enables our customers to search Wallaby
Friends content  
& our product catalog with speed & relevance. Look, not only does a great
site search constantly index the site to ensure the latest content is easily accessible, it will
also guide you to fully explore Wallaby Friends . Thus, helping you to discover something
that you might not have even known you were interested in. That is what we want, for you not
to be afraid to discover something new,
& make it apart of you.  Our site search will delight
our users by allowing them to quickly connect with the content they need, while capturing
valuable data about the content
& products you're are most interested in.  
Wallaby Translate
Image Coming Soon!
We will soon be providing our own better, wonderful website in a variety of languages.
However, for right now we are having this powered by Google Translate.
We do apologize for any miss-translations that they provide,
& any distortions of the site that may occur as a result.  
Please feel free to help us out with any proper translations,
so we can make our own site better.
Wallaby Home School University
This wonderful part of the program is designed to make school fun. Home schooling
your child has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be the absolute best
education for your child. Your child isn't distracted by other kids bad behaviours, nor
are they ridiculed by bad  teachers that don't have enough man-power or care about
your kid/s. There are many resources out there now to make home schooling the
number one choice for your kids future. There really is no more excuse to
not do this anymore, as there are a number of family members, friends, tutors,
recreation centers
& more to accommodate home schooling your kid/s & now
W.H.S.U is going to help you too. We offer an intense education program so your
little one/s can explore their full education potential. We are going to be the
one-stop-shop for all your home schooling needs.
Click the image to the left to see more. "Welcome to a better future for your kids!"
Wallaby Gear
Welcome to our Official Clothing Line!
Now you will be able to buy beautiful casual clothes from Wallaby Friends.
Shorts, all sorts of tee-shirts, bathing-suites, beach towels, baseball caps,  
& more.
Make Wallaby Gear apart of your clothing collection.    
Wallaby Friends Living Off Grid
Image Coming Soon!
I'm most grateful to you all.
Thank-you so much
~  The Owner  ~