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Our Wallaby Friends Membership Card is the first in service.
Since 2009, we have been bringing you genuine offers/experiences from small businesses
from around the world equally with no hassle.

One Card!!    -     One World!!     -     No Hassles!!

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Individual Membership
(Single Member $55.00)
Buddies Membership
(2 Members $100.00)
Families of 3+
Wallaby Tools
Corporate Memberships
(Price may vary)
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Individual Membership
For those of you that like to travel alone, & make friends along the way.
Then this is the membership is for you.  
Buddies Membership
This membership is for best friends, whom ever that may be.  
We love promoting togetherness,  friendship
& this is the best way to do it.  
Going it alone is ok,  but with friends it is so much cooler
to share your wonderful experiences with.  
Family Membership
Family is so important, and should be to everyone.
Either your own, or a family that you have surrogated together, this is the
membership for you all. With families of 3 or more we here at
Wallaby Friends know what it is like to struggle with a big family.
However, we got you covered - with the wonderful must have Wallaby Family
Membership, you don't have to worry anymore about taking your family on trips
around the world. All you got to do is, get out there with them and start creating
wonderfully enchanting memories that will last forever.
Corporate Membership
Small or big business, now there is an even better way to reward your loyal
employees.  Having a great staff makes your business work well, like a finely oiled
machine.  So let your employees know you care about the hard work they put in
for you.  Give them the card that keeps on giving,
& helps them live a better life too.
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