Currently Under  Construction,
but we are getting closer.
We are working very hard on this with several large educational programs to bring you the best education for your kids.

Thank-you for your continued patience in this matter, we just want to be the best.

From: Wallaby Friends Owners (personally)
To many times I have heard that the times table chart for kids is confusing.  
Gone is the misleading "x" and we have forever replaced it with the "period" as it should of been from the start.
No more confusion!
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Your Level Of Education
OK! So your probably wondering, "Why a Pen-pal Program?"  Well, studies have shown that
it is a great way to increase your education levels in all aspects of your schooling.  
Especially in the areas of Reading and Comprehension, Vocabulary, Punctuation,
Sentence Structuring, Handwriting Skills, Math Skills, it So here we have  implemented it
in with our Wallaby Friends Home-School University.
Plus, It is a great way to make new friends from around the world and a hand written letter
shows more sentiment, because you took the time to sit down and write it.
Your new Pen-pals will appreciate
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In our Preschool  Program, your child can expect to learn the fundamentals & principals of what will become the foundation of their education.  
However, it isn't just your child that is learning, every child does better with parent involvement.
That is what we are bringing back to the learning process, and reconnecting parents with their children's education.
By Kindergarten, your child should have basic reading, mathematical, & writing skills.  
He or She, will continue to learn even more key principals
& build on their existing education.  
Still, parent involvement in vary important. Your child will need you to help guide them a little.
The more your child reads, the better your child will be able to communicate with you & function in school and the world.  
By this time, we will also add a small list of books that you
& your child can read together everyday.
In first grade your child will be challenged and pushed to, what we hope, will be their fullest potential.
We will also start to teach them more about history, geography, art, music, science, basic domestic skills and the start of a foreign language.
It is our philosophy, that kids at this age should have a basic knowledge of different languages,  in order to help them be a more well rounded student.
We will also include even more books, that you and your child should read together.  
Second grade brings in a whole new way of thinking.
Here is were your child
& you start to advance.
At W.H.S.U, we believe that if your child is truly  in second grade, really they should be doing 3rd
& fourth grade work.
By this time however, some students might have some difficulty, and that is ok.
In-fact at this time, we highly encourage you to go back and recap with your child the previous lessons.
We want you to reread your child's favorite books, and make sure they understand it fully.  
Sometimes you have to go backwards, in order to go forwards.
3rd grade is a wonderful,  and exciting time for not just your kids, but for you as their parent with them too.